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December 15, 2011

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Over the course of the last year, as I’ve immersed myself into the interwoven startup and social media scenes here in Boston, I’ve met a lot of interesting and talented folks (as I covered a bit in this post). I’ve essentially been acting as a Professional Networker, which has provided me the good fortune of meeting countless Boston-area startups, mostly through events like Mass Innovations Nights and programs like MassChallenge. Many of the startups I’ve been exposed to are building exciting and useful tools and products. Unfortunately, because the sea of startups is so vast these days, few of them are receiving the recognition they deserve for their tireless efforts which ultimately means that we’re missing out on the opportunity to hear about companies that could be very helpful to our everyday life.

I’m therefore launching a new series on my blog, entitled “Sitdowns with Startups” in which I’ll be interviewing various startups in the social media space, in somewhat similar fashion to the “Social Studies” interviews I conducted and posted in the spring.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the first installment in the series. If you have suggestions for startups that would be good to feature, or you have a startup of your own and would like to chat, please let me know. Thanks!

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10 Comments on “Sitdowns With Startups”

  1. Lindsay Bell Says:

    Spectacular idea Dave. I look forward to this series. 🙂


  2. John Refford (@iamreff) Says:

    Great idea!

    How about Matt Hooper’s SMAK?
    Blue Train Mobile also comes to mind.


  3. bradnoble Says:

    Come visit PostPost. We’re about to roll out some dazzlers.


  4. Pattie Mercier (@PattieMercier) Says:

    Great idea, Dave! There are so many cool and innovative startups that do not get the recognition they deserve! Looking forward to reading about the companies that you will be profiling! Have fun along the way!


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