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Sitdowns With Startups Episode 6: Vsnap

April 29, 2012


In an effort to bring a more personalized and humanized approach to their online interactions, more and more people are turning to video as their preferred communication medium. 2011 MassChallenge finalist Vsnap is seeking to provide individuals and businesses alike with a simple platform through which to create and distribute videos. As Co-Founder & CEO Dave […]

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Sitdowns With Startups Episode 5: PostPost

April 12, 2012


Twitter can be an amazing source for relevant, interesting and timely content (and much more). However, trying to keep up with your stream can feel a bit like drinking from a firehouse at times. With tweets scrolling by at a rapid pace, it can be easy to miss a fair amount even while monitoring the […]

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Magic Beans is Planting Seeds With Social Media

March 19, 2012


I have long been a fan of Magic Beans, a children’s store with five Boston-area locations, as both a marketer and consumer that shops in their stores. I have a great deal of admiration for Magic Beans’s use of email and social media marketing (and the integration of the two). I’ve been especially impressed by their […]

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Social Media in the Hiring Process With Aaron Strout

March 4, 2012


I had a conversation recently with Jim Storer of The Community Roundtable about the media coverage I received for my use of social media on the job hunt. Jim pointed out that Aaron Strout had written a post in 2008 about using social media in the hiring process, which led to Aaron being featured in the Boston […]

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Sitdowns With Startups Episode 3: GaggleAMP

February 10, 2012


Most companies, brands and personalities are making a concerted effort to cultivate a community of advocates which they can call upon to spread their messages across a variety of social networks. Be they internal stakeholders (employees, investors), friends, fans or customers, engaging with and leveraging the support of these constituents online is an essential component […]

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Happy Marriage of New and Old Mediums

February 6, 2012

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I chose to implement the use of social media in my job searching efforts to capitalize on new mediums in order to promote and differentiate myself. I launched, created a Foursquare venue and released the Dave Cutler app. These steps (amongst other covered here), coupled with my persistent networking and professional development pursuits proved […]

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