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Thank you for visiting my site. I am currently seeking a new career opportunity and have created this page in order to provide relevant background information to paint an accurate picture of who I am as a talented job candidate and person.

As my resume clearly demonstrates, I have diverse and valuable experience in marketing, consulting and relationship management. I am passionate, dedicated, hardworking, and creative and have a proven ability to adapt quickly and learn on the fly.

My story:

After being laid off a few months ago, I began a new chapter in my life as I seek my next opportunity. In March I completed a Mini-MBA program at Rutgers University, earning a Certificate in Social Media Marketing. I was fortunate enough to learn from an impressive group of accomplished instructors, many of whom are prominent figures in the social media world, including Mark W. Schaefer (@markwschaefer), Heidi Cohen (@HeidiCohen), and Christina “CK” Kerley (@CKsays).

I have completely immersed myself in the social media sphere, enrolling in a self-designed graduate course with significant fieldwork while simultaneously serving as the Community Manager for the Dave Cutler brand in my new role as Professional Networker. I have taken advantage of every available conference, seminar, webinar, workshop, tweetup, panel discussion and networking group, successfully become a ubiquitous presence in Boston. I’ve devoured countless books, blogs, columns, whitepapers, articles and case studies. I launched a “Social Studies” series on my blog in which I interviewed people managing their business’s social media to learn more about their initial foray into social media and examined their use of the medium. I have informally advised a number of small businesses, providing guidance in regards to their social media marketing efforts.  I also began writing a weekly “Business Watch” column for the Waltham News Tribune, with a heavy focus on social media.

A quick professional summary:

I began my career in business development, selling and servicing partnerships for the New Jersey Nets and the NBA. I then transitioned to creative production, taking a job as a Marketing Manager in Sports Illustrated’s Consumer Marketing division. During my time at SI, I essentially served as an in-house advertising agency, managing the creation and implementation of the magazine’s television and radio ads (click here for an example). This entailed cultivating new promotion ideas, copywriting, and managing SI’s relationships with partners, production companies, and vendors to bring the commercials to fruition.

After moving to the Boston area in 2005, I served as a small business consultant, advising local businesses on their marketing and advertising efforts. In 2007, I accepted a position as Production Manager at Decision Resources where I managed my group’s relationships with other departments to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of graphics produced to enhance company reports.  I also successfully identified areas for improvement in the production process and facilitated the implementation of the required changes. I was laid off in February as a result of corporate restructuring.

To gain a better understanding of my personal and professional background, I encourage you to watch the following video, also available here:

For those of you interested in scrolling through the information without sound, you can do so via the following SlideShare presentation. If you cannot see it immediately below, you can view it by clicking here.

Thanks again for visiting and reading. If you’re so inclined, I’d greatly appreciate it if you shared this page to help spread the word. If I sound like someone who could make a significant contribution to your company or business, please contact me-I’d love to talk to you. I welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have and cannot thank you enough for your interest and support.

Dave Cutler

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